#NewYear2020: Reading With Muffy

A very happy New Year, guys. We are stepping into a new decade and it’s crazy to think how quickly time is passing by. We have so many books to read and so little time.

Reading challenges have always been a savior when it comes to ticking off books from my unread pile. With 2020 here, I am so glad Shalini came up with this brilliant reading challenge for us. You can read more about the rules, sign-up steps, prompts, and prizes here.

Reading with Muffy – Prompts

January ~ Of Boops, Bleps, and Borks!
My choice- A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron
January is my pupper’s Barkday. As Muffy turns Two on Jan 8, read a book with a dog on the cover or title of the book. You may also read a book where a dog is the protagonist.

February ~ Love is in the Air
My choice- The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak
Read a book with the word “Love”, “Kiss” or “Hug” in the title.

March ~ Celebrating Women
My choice-
Read a book about a woman by a woman. Brownie points if the book also features a woman on the cover!

April ~ Oh, Seasons of the Year
My choice- 
Read a book that has a season in the title. eg: Summer, Winter, Autumn, Fall

May ~ Mental Health
My choice- All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven 
Read a book that spreads awareness on Mental Health. Feel free to choose a fiction or non-fiction book.

June ~ Celebrating Pride Month
My choice-
Pick up a wonderful LGBTQIA book this month. There are some wonderful YA books from authors like Becky Albertalli, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and more.

July ~ Back to Hogwarts
My choice- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Illustrated)
Muffy being a true blue Potterhead (he is sorted into Hufflepuff, y’know!), we shall be celebrating Harry Potter’s (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday on July 31st. It would be absurd if I ask you to re-read Harry Potter. So, pick up a book involving magic! You may, of course, re-read any Harry Potter book too.

August ~ Celebrating Indian Authors
My choice-
As we celebrate the 74th Indian Independence Day this month, let us pay tribute to some fantastic Indian authors. Pick up a book that won one of the following Indian Literary Awards – Sahitya Akademi, JCB Prize for Literature, Hindu Literary Prize, or Crossword Book Award.

September ~ Solve a Crime
My choice-
Read a legal thriller, cozy mystery, true crime, nordic noir or a medical/forensic thriller.

October ~ Quaking in my Boots
My choice-
Pick up a horror novel, ghost story, or creepy thriller that would scare you out of your wits!

November ~ Of Hobbies and Interests
My choice-
Read a book that features something that you love to do. Eg: Eating ( 😛 ), Knitting, Chatting on Social Media, the list is endless. Go wild! 😛

December ~ Of Classics and Christmas
My choice-
Read a cult classic or a book that is themed around Christmas. This is the time you may want to read that classic which you’ve always wanted to read but never got a chance to.

Additional Prompts

13. Slay that 2019 TBR: Read a book that you’ve been meaning to read in 2019 but couldn’t.
My choice- The Game Of Thrones

14. Relationships: Read a book that states a relationship in the title. Eg: Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Girlfriend
My choice-

15. Appreciate your Favorite Bookstagrammer/Book Reviewer: Read a book recommended by your favorite bookstagrammer or book reviewer. Do not forget to tag him/her on your post. Spread some love!
My choice-

16. Yellow Yellow Daffodil: Read a book that has a yellow cover or the word ‘yellow’ in its title.
My choice-

17. Of Royalty and Kingdoms: Read a book that revolves around royalty, kings, queens or kingdoms.
My choice-

18. Bring me Flowers: Read a book that has the name of a flower in the title.
My choice-

19. The Letter ‘E’: Read a book whose title starts with the letter E.
My choice-

20. Last, but definitely not the least, Read a book sent by The Big Book Box. They’ve sent hundreds of books already in their carefully curated boxes. So, you’ll have no dearth of choices.
My choice-



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